The founders of St.Croix Forge set out to build a better horseshoe to make the farrier's job more efficient.  Shortly after the introduction of their horseshoes, farriers made St.Croix Forge the most widely used horseshoe brand in North America.  Today St.Croix Forge is known for products that are easy to use, which helps make the farrier's job easier!  Whether a simple shoe for a trail horse, wide-webbed clipped shoe for a jumper or an aluminum racing plate for a Thoroughbred, St.Croix Forge's workmanship and forging excellence is appreciated by everyone who uses them.

We'll continue producing Horseshoes that you can count on because, we believe that when you succeed; we succeed!

The internet made the world smaller which has helped our industry to share useful information about horseshoeing; making it more accessible for every farrier.  The development of this new website has been created in collaboration with a variety of experts in the field and it remains our goal to continue adding educational content in the coming months.   Providing educational content at our website is another way for us to give back to the industry while helping farriers choose products according to their specific needs and requirements.

We're proud to provide you with Steel Horseshoes that you can trust and are made in the USA!

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