St. Croix Turf Plate horseshoe, front and hind, bottom view
St. Croix Turf Plate, front and hind, bottom
St. Croix Turf Plate horseshoe, front unclipped, 3D bottom view
St. Croix Turf Plate, front unclipped, bottom

St.Croix Forge Turf Plate

Designed with a 2mm toe grab for turf racing

The St.Croix Turf shoe features the popular front and hind race plate patterns and has a flush wear plate in the toe to adhere to turf racing regulations where grabs are not allowed.  This shoe is also popular across many performance horses including Western pleasure, training horses and Ponies.  The recommended nail for this shoe is an RN3.5

  • Protection
  • Punched thin to accomedate weak or thin walls
  • Easy shaping
  • Lightweight
  • Not available with clips
  • The larger sizes may be too narrow for some horses

Product summary

Product group
Aluminium racing
Front and Hind
  • Western Pleasure
  • Show hunter
  • Thoroughbred racing
  • Every horse deserves the best possible shoeing

    German farrier Errol Wernike shoes 400 horses

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