StCroix Concorde Steel Family Bottom View
StCroix Concorde Steel Family Bottom View
StCroix Concorde Steel Family Bottom View

St.Croix Forge Concorde Steel

For light competitive horses

The St. Croix Concorde horseshoe is a light steel shoe designed for competitive/speed horses where good grip and traction are important factors, for example race horses. The Concorde is a complete concave horseshoe that in combination with the all-round crease offers extra traction and lower weight (app 240 grams).

Offering 14 nail holes gives great variation in nail application.

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Product summary

Product group
Steel racing
Front symmetrical & hind assymmetrical
Side clip, toe clip & unclipped
2 - 9
  • Point-to-point
  • Steeplechase
  • Thoroughbred racing

Where to buy

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Good to know

  • The unique beveled outer edge of this shoe perfectly assists the rolling motion of the hoof
  • Concave section aids in traction and surface exfoilation
  • More upright and clean heel section provides support & stability
  • Good strong fitable clip providing strength in location of shoe. Stops the shoe from moving
  • When getting above shoe size 7, additional width might be needed, like the St. Croix Concorde Xtra can provide
  • Flat footed horses might appreciate the breakover feature of the St. Croix Concorde Equi-Librium

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