St. Croix QuarterHorse horseshoes, front and hind, bottom view
St. Croix QuarterHorse, front and hind, bottom
St. Croix Quarterhorse horseshoe, front, 3D bottom view
St. Croix Quarterhorse, front, 3D bottom view

St.Croix Forge Quarterhorse

Featuring an 8mm toe grab

The St. Croix Quarter Horse plate features an 8mm toe grab which is the tallest that we offer.   The ability for these sprinters to grab the ground, especially in the start, is recognized as playing a significant role in the outcome of the race.    The front and hind pattern make shaping simple and the high quality aluminum wears well even at tracks with paved or concrete barn surfaces. 

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Product summary

  • Extreme traction
  • Front and Hind patterns
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent toe wear
  • May offer too much traction for some horses
Product group
Aluminium racing
  • Quarter Horse Racing
  • Every horse deserves the best possible shoeing

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