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  • St.Croix Forge Plain

    The St.Croix Forge Plain is a generic horseshoe that can easily be shaped into a front or hind pattern

  • St.Croix Forge Rim V-crease

    The St.Croix Rim horseshoe features a V crease from heel to heel with softened outer edges

  • St.Croix Forge Lite

    St.Croix Forge Lite is slightly thinner than our Plain Horseshoe and is designed for versatile use

  • St.Croix Forge Rim

    The St.Croix Rim horseshoe is easily shaped for a front or hind foot and provides excellent traction and durability

  • St.Croix Forge Heel

    The generic pattern of the St.Croix Forge Heel horseshoe easily shapes into a front or hind shape and the heel caulks provide excellent traction and durablility

  • St.Croix Forge Turf Plate

    St.Croix Forge Turf race plate ideal for racing but also popular across many performance horses because of the flush toe grab

  • St.Croix Forge Pony

    The St.Croix Forge Pony horseshoe is designed for our smallest equine customers. The generic shape is ideal for ponies and easily modified into fronts or hinds

  • St.Croix Forge Low Toe

    The St. Croix Low Toe race shoe is the perfect choice when you are looking for a shoe that offers suitable traction in the toe with a 4mm grab.

  • St.Croix Forge Regular Toe Hind 2° Wedge

    The St.Croix Forge Regular Toe 2° Hind Wedge provides firm, stable heel support for running horses

  • St.Croix Forge Ultra Lite Rim

    Providing exceptional traction in a super light weight all purpose shoe is what the St.Croix Forge Ultra Lite Rim horseshoe is designed to offer

  • St.Croix Forge EZ Steel

    St.Croix Forge EZ Steel horseshoe features a wide web and is available in both steel and aluminum

  • St.Croix Forge Lite V-crease

    Take the proven design of the St. Croix Plain and make it slightly thinner to reduce some weight, and you have the St. Croix Lite shoe. The generic pattern is easily shaped into a front or hind. Unlike the standard Lite, this shoe features a V crease to improve nail-to-shoe contact for a more secure fit.

  • St.Croix Forge EZ Plus

    When wide web isn't enough, the St.Croix Forge EZ Plus has added thickness

  • St.Croix Forge Lite Rim

    St.Croix Forge Lite Rim horseshoe features a full crease and outside rim for added traction. It's rolled toe eases break-over and is punched for SB nails.

  • St.Croix Forge Quarterhorse

    The St.Croix Forge Quarterhorse race plate comes in front and hind patterns to make shaping easy, and the high quality aluminum wears well at tracks with paved and concrete barn surfaces

  • St.Croix Forge Lite Rim V-Crease

    St.Croix Forge Lite Rim horseshoe with a V-crease and outside rim traction.

  • St.Croix Forge Toe & Heel

    The St.Croix Forge Toe & Heel horseshoe features heel caulks and a toe grab

  • St.Croix Forge Quarterhorse Block Heel

    The St.Croix Quarterhorse race plate comes in a hind shape and features steel heel caulks for increased durability along with an 8mm toe grab for grip. The shape is ideally suited for the quarter horse

  • St.Croix Forge EZ Aluminum

    St.Croix Forge EZ Aluminum horseshoe provides support with forged in wear inserts

  • St.Croix Forge SureFit

    Designed to reduce the amount of work at the anvil, the St. Croix Surefit front and hind patterned horseshoe easily shape and nail on. A nice blend of high quality steel in a pattern and dimensions without adding excess weight. These feature the popular "V" crease for secure nail fit and stock dimensions that grow proportionally with the shoe size.

  • St.Croix Forge SureFit Xtra

    St.Croix Forge SureFit Xtra horseshoe is perfectly suited for farriers who prefer a perimeter fit.

  • St.Croix Forge Concorde XLT

    St.Croix Concorde race plates follow the traditional European round toe with a 0.08"(2mm) steel toe grab

  • St.Croix Forge Block Heel Regular Toe Hind

    St. Croix Forge Block Heel is a Hind plate with raised heel blocks to prevent running down and excessive heel grab. Featuring a 6mm steel toe grab

  • St.Croix Forge Mule & Mule Heel

    The St.Croix Forge Mule shoe has been designed to minimize shaping and provide excellent durability, and the added heel caulks the Heel model provide added traction in rough terrain

  • St.Croix Forge Regular Toe

    The St. Croix Regular Toe race shoe is the perfect choice when you are looking for a shoe that offers suitable traction in the toe with a 6mm grab.

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