StCroix TurfPlate Alum Family
StCroix TurfPlate Alum Family
St. Croix Forge Turf Plate, Front & Hind

St.Croix Forge Concorde Aluminum

As strong as steel

The Concorde model in aluminium has the same features as the regular Concorde horseshoe but much lighter. The Concorde aluminium horseshoe is the perfect choice where weight must be reduced to a minimum, for example in flat racing.

Offering 14 nail holes gives great variation in nail application.

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Product summary

Product group
Aluminum racing
Front symmetrical & hind asymmetrical
Unclipped, Toe clip and Side clips
  • Flat racing
  • Point-to-point
  • Steeplechase
  • Thoroughbred racing

Where to buy

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Good to know

  • Almost 70 percent lighter than steel. Additional steel toe insert provides extra wear during use
  • Good strong fitable clip providing strength in location of shoe. Stops the shoe from moving.
  • Concave section aids in traction and surface deposit
  • More upright and clean heel section provides support & stability
  • Hard wearing horses would be more suited to use the steel version
  • When getting above shoe size 7, additional width might be needed, like the St. Croix Concorde Xtra can provide
  • Age is no barrier when you love what you are doing

    Carl O'Dwyer - Victorian, Australia Farrier

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    The Australian master farrier Carl O'Dwyer

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