St. Croix Concorde XLT horseshoes, front and hind, bottom view
St. Croix Concorde XLT, front and hind, bottom

St.Croix Forge Concorde XLT

XLT Model features a 0.08"(2mm) steel toe grab

The St.Croix Concorde race plates are designed based on traditional European round front and pointy hind shapes.  The XLT model comes with a 0.08"(2mm) steel toe grab.  They are available with or without clips, and the recommended nail for this shoe is an RN3.5.  


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Product summary

  • Good alternative for rounder front feet/pointy hind feet
  • Excellent durability
  • Shape may not be ideal for all feet
Product group
Aluminium racing
Front and hind
Front unclipped. Hind unclipped, Toe clip
Front 3 - 8, Hind 4-7
  • Thoroughbred racing
  • Top trotters, farrier students and foals

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